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They Told Me Spooning Would Be Fun

Swag for the chronically ill

Remember playing the game "spoons" as a kid? Now picture that this is not a game but a shitty realization of life.

Lupus patient and blogger, Christine Miserandino, is credited with Spoon Theory. Able-bodied humans have an unlimited amount of energy to get through the day. Someone with chronic illness and fatigue is only given a certain number of spoons to allocate which activities will be accomplished. When they run out, they must wait long periods of time to regain strength.

Early in adulthood, I thought there would be someone laying in bed beside me. Someone to support your ass through anything. The term was spooning. I could just reach over whenever and do all those fun "adult" activities. Instead, I spent adulthood alone in bed with a heating blanket, turbofan, huge bottle of aspirin, noise-canceling headphones, a pile of ergonomic pillows, and spent hours debating if I could leave for work or errands. I attended Zoom calls recalling my anger at a lack of accessibility ramps at festivals. 

Well here babes you are not an afterthought (if you are thought of at all). You are the main attraction. We've curated this growing collection of flair for you to proudly take up space in the world. You are not helpless or lacking personality. 

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