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Apparel Sustainability

Gypsy's Graveyard is committed to environmental sustainability and fair trade wages. Over the past 10 years in the industry, we've held various roles in buying, cut and sew, marketing, fashion design, e-commerce, brick and mortar, manufacturing in China/Hong Kong, and visual merchandising. Our work has spanned from legacy brands to indie designers.

  • We source from suppliers that are committed to environmental protection, humane working conditions and wages, and creating timeless designs. 
  • We remain committed to transparency in where our products come from and how to best maintain them. Below you'll find some terms that may be helpful.
  • As required by international trade laws, the country of origin is located on each product description and product label. We provide garments cut and sewn in the USA and in countries such as China. This is also true for cosmetics and fashion accessories. 

Textile Materials

Polyester is a synthetic material made of plastic fibers. It's often in a blend that may have some stretch to the fabric. It can be made from recyclable plastic. Polyester is not biodegradable on its own. Garments can be laundered normally. Wrinkles can be difficult to iron. Garment steamer recommended.

Cotton is a natural plant based fiber. It will naturally biodegrade over time (think hundreds of years). It can be laundered and ironed easily. 

Rayon, also called viscose, is a natural plant based fiber. It's a semi-synthetic material. It's produced from wood cellulose. Plant material could include eucalyptus, bamboo, soy, or cotton. It's also biodegradable. It does not hold up in laundry as well as polyester or cotton. Hand washing is recommended as the material can be tricky to launder and iron. Fabric can shrink in wash. Rayon is "a weak fabric" when wet and non-insulating. This means it is more breathable in hot climates and not tightly woven. It drapes in a clingly, gauze-y type way. It's often used like polyester as a cheaper alternative to natural silk.

All of the above options can result in chemicals, water waste, deforestation of natural wildlife habitat, skin irritants, unsafe work environments, and global pollution. Thrift stores can also contribute to pollution. Apparel waste shipped to other countries, frequently done by large thrift stores, causes a loss of local artisan trade. Very few clothing is actually able to be repurposed or recycled.

The best practice is to buy durable pieces that can be used multiple seasons and recycled. 

The website Sustain Your Style offers more information. Note that we are not affiliated with them. Information is provided at your own risk. 

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