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We're here for you! For answers to commonly asked questions, see below. If this still doesn't answer your question, email help@gypsysgraveyard.com.


Shipping & Delivery

How do I get free delivery if I am local?

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Free No-Contact Local Delivery to Greater Nashville is available on in stock gift merchandise and fresh flowers (excluding Print On Demand items) over $50.00 USD

w/ Zip Codes 37203 (Music Row/ The Gulch), 37204 (8th Ave S/Green Hills), 37205 (Belle Meade), 37206 (East Nashville), 37208 (Germantown),  37209 (TSU) 37075 (Hendersonville), 37212 (Hillsboro Village/Belmont),  37235 (Vanderbilt), 37215 (Green Hills), 37115 (Madison), 37064 (Franklin), 37027 (Brentwood).

(Eligibility is automatically determined based on your shipping address. Email help@gypsysgraveyard.com if your zip code is not listed but eligible.)

Exclusions may apply. Subject to size of order and delivery schedule. A delivery route and time will be selected based on current orders. Free delivery DOES NOT apply for live event orders. These special orders require a different vehicle and time slot.

For faster shipping or a particular delivery day, shipping charges still apply. Upon checkout, a phone number is required in case there is an issue with your order or delivery. We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments if we cannot reach you. Offer may be discontinued at any time.

What are the delivery times for orders?

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On average, it takes 2–7 business days to create apparel products and 2–5 business days for non-apparel products. Add the following delivery options to that time:

Overnight: next day delivery in the US; Express: 1-3 business days in the US, Canada, and internationally; Standard (Flat): 3-4 business days in the US, 6-10 days in Canada, and 5-20 days internationally.

Some items we do have already in Nashville, so the delivery time may be sooner. 

Fresh flower arrangements can typically be delivered within 2-3 days after submitting an order. For holidays and special events, we recommend pre-booking in advance. We have limited slots available for weddings, funerals, prom, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

Why are your shipping times longer than other stores?

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Nearly 85% of textiles produced in the apparel industry end up in landfill across the globe. This also hurts textile industries in other countries. To support our sustainability mission, many items designed in Nashville by Team Ghost are available only as Print On Demand. In addition, we only source higher quality materials. 

Many of our team members are also ADA differently abled. We don't locally have the space or ability to move 600 lbs of t-shirts. By purchasing from us, you ARE directly supporting your friend, spouse/significant other, neighbor, etc. However, you are ALSO enabling domestic jobs in places such as Los Angeles, California and Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition, we have access to teams in Latvia, Mexico, Spain, and Canada. Even though we are a small local team, we leverage the best in the industry for e-commerce and order fulfillment. Our partners have successfully delivered over 22 million products. We love happy packages and thoughtful Customer Experiences!

Payments & Fees

Do you charge tax on orders?

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All orders are subject to TN state and county taxes, where we ship from. Online purchases are not excluded from sales tax restrictions. This equals an additional 9.25%. 

Are payments encrypted and secure?

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Yes, all payment options use SSL encryption. Depending on the payment option selected, you may be redirected to another page to complete your transaction. This is both for convenience and security.

Do offer floral design for weddings or special events?

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Yes! We are trained in weddings, funerals, and corporate events. We have 16 years of professional experience in the floral and retail industry with numerous honors. We've also worked with many Nashville venues, including the Country Music Hall of Fame, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Frist Museum of Art, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Marathon Music Works, and Cannery Ballroom. 

Because each event and custom design is unique to the client, send us an email with your desired date and ideas for a custom quote and/or proposal.


To give a general idea of our pricing, our live event design rates are as follows:

$60-120/ hr OR $480/day OR $2400/week

This includes ALL floral design work for live events/weddings but does not include the cost of materials or freight shipping. Your proposal will have a complete price breakdown of labor and materials. 

Events exceeding 250 guests (on average) had a $20,000-50,000 budget for floral and set design. Our specialty is large scale installations. Unlike other companies, you are getting a highly trained, expert team. Given the skill and logistics needed, additional rates and fees may apply.


How do you select the products you carry? How do I complain about an item or subject that offends me?

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We carefully and deliberately curate the products we sell from our favorite independent vendors across the globe. Everything we sell is something we would personally buy.

We represent the outsiders- those who refuse to fit in a box. Our community is diverse. Grief and joy is diverse. Our personal struggle is to be known and accepted equally among all groups. Assumptions are often given without asking. It's uncomfortable to break silence and code switching. This store represents a challenge.

If you do not like something featured in this store, then it simply was not created for you. Please remember that there are others we exist for, and who need our support, besides you. It doesn't change our message of love and hope in a world of pain and evil. Our approach has been the same since the beginning, and God is neither surprised nor offended. I don't presume to stop every company or product I do not personally like. 

We don't discriminate on basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. As such, we have standards of ethics. We do not permit content that would promote self harm or harm to others, including by means of drug or alcohol use, pornography or sexually explicit materials, sexual abuse, misogyny or misandry, homophobia, racism or prejudice, blasphemy, hate speech, slander, gossip, or acts of violence.

We don't support every commercial holiday. What we wear, or believe, is not a costume. It's hard enough to be taken seriously. Our lives are not a gimmick to sell products or promote an agenda. We offer the same items year round. 

About Us

Do you deal with the occult? Do you talk to spirits?

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We understand that we have a really unique name. We know that the topic of death and trauma can be uncomfortable. Our founder does believe in God and spiritual things. However, we are not actual ghost hunters. 

Our logo features "Gypsy" the ghost. Originally, it was intended to be a cartoon character to ease conversations about death and adversity. We chose to refer to our community as "ghosts" because they represent a genderless spirit not tied to money, race, sexuality, religion, job title, or possessions. They hate fitting in boxes. Ghosts refuse to die quietly. They go through walls and Rise Above Adversity beautifully. 

What does Gypsy's Graveyard mean?

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Gypsy (or traveller or tinker) is historically an ethnic slur to represent a group of outsiders in the UK and later in the United States. (It was later appropriated by BOHO hipsters.) We chose that because it represented a misunderstood group of outsiders and a past that is often forgotten or ignored. "The Graveyard" represents things we try to bury or suppress as a society. But ghosts reside outside simple boxes and labels. They refuse to be ignored or die quietly. Plenty refuse to believe they exist in the world. (You are seen as weird if you do believe them.) Ghosts aren't limited by physical ability, material possessions, gender, race, religion, or where they grew up. They can go through walls and Rise Above Adversity beautifully. Trauma creates a loop effect similar to what is believed about "ghosts". Being haunted means repeating a past. The mission of Gypsy's Graveyard is to turn grief into acceptance and freedom. 

We found in our 20 years of mental health advocacy- People don't fear dying. They fear the living telling their story wrong.

Are you hiring?

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If you are Southern Sassy, Classy Not Trashy, love loud music, and have a passion for Merch With A Mission, then we'd love to meet you! Even though we've existed since 2013, we made this most of 2020's COVID-19 quarantine by developing a brand new site and expanding our products. We are always looking for new illustrators or product designers with a mission of promoting mental + physical health. We love hearing about individuals who have risen above adversity. We love featuring fellow artists. (We also love paying them too.) Please email Team Ghost at sales@gypsysgraveyard for more information. Include your specialty and/or personal story. 

We generally need technical sewing, pattern making, small batch manufacturing, fulfillment, illustration, or product photography.

Please note that currently our team is on an Independent Contract- Work For Hire basis. We hope this will change soon. 

Please include a breakdown of current rates (hourly and by project) when submitting. This is so we know how to best accommodate for all our differently abled talent. Our mission is improving Design With Dignity.

We are unable to accept designs depicting violence, sexually explicit content, graphic or discriminatory language (keep it G or PG), or drug and alcohol use. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, political affiliation, location, or size. 

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

Can you sew a bag using my favorite character or pattern? Can you “hack” (alter) a bag I already own?

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Unfortunately no. We are a business associated with the United States Small Business Association and Tennessee Department of Revenue. We also have two higher education degrees in business management and marketing. This would not be legally advisable. We have to adhere to rules set the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (For anyone trying to copy our fresh ideas, we own IP ourselves.)

Novelty prints, especially those with special characters like Disney and Marvel Comics, fall under Intellectual Property (IP). We cannot design products featuring those characters without a license agreement from Disney, which is unlikely to be granted. Additionally, we cannot alter and sell another manufacturer’s goods without written authorization. This includes all mass produced goods. All designed products can be improved upon and made better. However, we cannot use someone else’s unique designs or material.

But I saw another vendor doing it on Etsy? I bought the fabric in a retail store which means I can use it. I paid for it.

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Just because a mom in Texas is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s legal. The vendor could still be sued for IP infringement. An example would be anything with a cute little character that comes from a large manufacturer- especially one that clearly has IP restrictions on their wholesale/retail website and on the product itself. Cutting that off the fabric, doesn't cancel its legal rights.

Buying licensed or novelty print fabric at a retailer, for example a craft store, grants a Personal Use or Home Only license but not a Commercial License. This is not tied to how much revenue you make off the item. Altering a mass produced bag for your child is a Personal Use arrangement. Making extras to sell online is a Commercial arrangement. 

Generally E-Commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Etsy, do not monitor individual stores. If you are buying a licensed product from an independent vendor, it is illegal. Also the odds are great that they don't operate a legal business through their state department of revenue. 

So what do I do with all this extra fabric? How can I help out?

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Great question! Before you toss it or succumb to hopelessness, there are other options. We can provide instructions for making your own projects. We also operate a charity giving program, which donates IV Port Pillows, COVID masks, and diaper/medical bags to Nashville hospitals, hospice, and outpatient programs. This is done purely by volunteer seamstresses.

To make an in-kind materials donation or volunteer skills, email us at help@gypsysgraveyard.com.

You can also find out more about our NGO 501c3 charity partners on here soon.

Some products purchased online at Gypsy’s Graveyard will have a designated give back amount included in the product description.

Can I use a photo or share content with others?

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We ask that you include our original site link and credit. You may not resell any of our designs without a written agreement. For wholesale inquires, email sales@gypsysgraveyard.com. Our blog articles have a reposting feature to make sharing easy. We also periodically provide free downloads to our email subscribers (Personal Use only).

In consideration of our team's health and mission, we decided to opt out of social media channels (e.g. Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, TikTok). This gives us more energy to provide greater attention to your orders. 

All the content featured on this site remains the sole property of either ourselves or the featured vendor where noted. Both our name and the Gypsy character are registered trademarks.

Do you make everything yourself? What kind of store are you?

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Gypsy's Graveyard is a retail store for specialty gifts based in Nashville, TN. It's a hybrid of print, fashion and home accessories, and flowers. We specialize in unique, handcrafted items and embrace the weird and uncomfortable subjects. Due to COVID-19 and current restrictions, we are in the process of relaunching a brick and mortar location. Our previous one closed in 2015 to allow our team time to process personal loss.

Most of our team are interdisciplinary artists and skilled makers. Our owner decided, due to chronic illness and professional skills, to focus on the management side of things. She is a trained horticulturist/florist and oversees live events, order fulfillment, customer service, and procurement. This allows us to support many independent artists and small businesses across the USA and globally. 

Holiday is also devoting time to publishing her first books. One day she will release her own line of products.

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