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About Our Name

Our Name

We understand that we have a really unique name. We know that the topic of death and trauma can be uncomfortable. Our founder does believe in God and spiritual things. However, we are not actual ghost hunters. Think of us like that band who never believed they would exist, much less make the big stage. Yet, we traveled the world. Started companies. Listened to stories of hardships. Led charities. Tried to quit a hundred thousand times. Seven years later, the name stuck. It is at the core of who we are. 2,555 midnights and counting. 



Our logo features "Gypsy" the ghost. Originally, it was intended to be a cartoon character to ease conversations about death and adversity. It was a way to represent our wayfaring lack of "home". It was also my early attempt at digital illustration and full of frustration. Seemed simple on the surface but with many layers underneath. Kind of like grief. Hella mindblowing that Gypsy is now a USPTO registered trademark.


The comic may have failed, but the desire to feature printed artwork to tell stories of adversity did not. 


We chose to refer to our community as "ghosts" because they represent a genderless, nonbinary, spirit not limited by physical ability, material possessions, gender, race, religion, or where they grew up. Ghosts reside outside simple boxes and labels. They hate tiny boxes. They go through walls and Rise Above Adversity beautifully. They refuse to be ignored or die quietly, despite that plenty of people refuse to believe they exist. (You are seen as very weird if you do believe in them. Trust us on that.) 

Trauma creates a loop effect similar to what is believed about "ghosts". Being haunted means repeating a past. The mission of Gypsy's Graveyard is to turn grief into acceptance and freedom. 

"Team ghost" includes all the undertakers of impossible dreams and complicated projects. Mostly in Nashville but ready to roam anywhere. 

"The Mother of Ghosts" (MGHOSTS) is the nickname of founder/owner CJ Holiday for their southern hospitality and love of the forgotten. 



"Gypsy" (also a "traveller" or "tinker") represents a misunderstood group of outsiders and a past that is often forgotten or ignored. Historically, it is an ethnic slur to represent a group of outsiders in the UK and the United States. (It was later appropriated by boho hipsters on Pinterest much to our annoyance.) Regardless of what you believe racially or socially, we understand being outsiders and life on the road.



Gypsy's Graveyard is "a carefully curated collective of curiosities centering on crisis". (We think alliteration is pretty cool too.)

"The Graveyard" represents things we try to bury or suppress as a society. We believe people have enough to bury besides material stuff, which is why we only offer things we really like. Being good stewards for our planet is a top priority. 


We found in our 20 years of mental health advocacy that:

People don't fear dying. They fear the living telling their story wrong. 


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